Famine Apocalyptic Zombie Hunter Dagger

Well-made with a strong and sturdy feel in the hand, a shrouded Zombie skull head pattern cloaked in an eerie brown haze across the entire dagger makes this the perfect weapon for a good Zombie hunt! Razor sharp with a silver lining and piercing dagger point tip, serrated segments on both sides of the double-edged blade makes the dagger useful for cutting rope and other tough materials. Textured to provide a solid grip in hand, the aluminum handle has a unique design with steel bolsters and bolster lining providing strength and support for rugged everyday use. Overall Length: 9.75 Inches Blade Length: 5.25 Inches Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Silver lining Blade Style: Bayonet, 2 Partially serrated segments Handle Length: 4.5 Inches Handle Material: Aluminum, Heavy Duty industrial grip Includes: Pocket Clip, 3.25 Inch fuller

Code: HK-003GY

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